Cold Cocked Skull Smash Ammonia Inhalant

//Cold Cocked Skull Smash Ammonia Inhalant

Cold Cocked Skull Smash Ammonia Inhalant


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Cold Cocked. The latest release in Skull Smash Ammonia inhalants. Essence of mint. Rapid and potent delivery.

In stock


Cold Cocked – Skull Smash already potent ammonia delivered with the cold ferocity of Arctic Gusts!

Presenting another infused version of Skull Smash Ammonia Inhalants.

Cold Cocked blends the truly strongly scented Skull Smash Ammonia with an amazingly potent and effective essence of mint.

The two elements work extremely well together, and the mint essence drives the strength of the ammonia, making it even better, as well as giving it a really awesome “cold” feel.

Grab a bottle of Cold Cocked, and get dialled in for some intense lifts.

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