F6 Bench Shirt

Bench Shirt Sizing

Sizing table for all Titan bench shirts. If unsure of size, please contact us for assistance.

Comp Fit3436384042444648505254565860
Meet Fit36384042444648505254565860
Regular Fit384042444648505254565860

*Measured under the arms at the widest part of chest, arms at sides

F6 Bench Shirt


IPF Approved. Excellent introductory bench shirt, specifically designed for arched benchers. Features revolutionary NXG Plus Fabric and our dynamic stretch back design.

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The IPF approved F6 bench shirt is specifically designed for arched benchers.  It features the NXG Plus fabric and Titan’s revolutionary dynamic stretch back design.

The sleeve base is constructed with a 360 degree design and the sleeves are set optimally at a 90 degree tilted angle allowing to improve control and increase potential power.

During the arch set up, the F6 sleeves tilt back into an optimum 90 degree angle allowing for a lower groove and maximum stroke efficiency.

This shirt is ideal for beginners to intermediates who wish to learn the art in shirted benching.

The F6 is backed by an 1 year blowout and 1.5 year run guarantee.

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Black, Royal Blue


34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56

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