Longhorn™: Prong, Suede

///Longhorn™: Prong, Suede


Texas Belts

SizeMeasurements to center holeMinimum hole sizeMaximum hole size
X Small26 inch / 66 cm21 inch / 53 cm31 inch / 79 cm
Small30 inch / 76 cm25 inch / 63 cm35 inch / 89 cm
Medium34 inch / 86 cm29 inch / 73 cm39 inch / 99 cm
Large38 inch / 96 cm33 inch / 83 cm43 inch / 109 cm
X Large42 inch / 106 cm37 inch / 93 cm47 inch / 119 cm
2X Large46 inch / 116 cm41 inch / 104 cm51 inch / 129 cm
3X Large48 inch / 127 cm45 inch / 112 cm55 inch / 140 cm

Please select sizing that is the closest to the center hole. Selecting a hole size closer to minimum or maximum sizes could result in human error due to overestimation.If you require assistance, please contact our customer service team.


Longhorn™: Prong, Suede


IPF Approved. Our premier 10mm belt made of esteemed Texan Longhorn hides and suedes. Handcrafted in Texas with lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that the quality of this belt is unparalleled.

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Made in Texas, USA

The Longhorn is our premier 10mm belt. It is named after the Texas Longhorn, considered by many, the most regal species of cattle in the world.

When crafting the Longhorn, our master craftsmen fastidiously select only the highest grade in local Longhorn hides.

Each belt is handcrafted with the highest attention to detail and quality.

This belt embodies Texan flair with the artisan, character and ruggedness the Lone Star State is renowned for.


Texas Longhorn are descendants of the first cattle in the new world, brought to the region by the famed explorer Christopher Columbus.

They are considered the pride of every Texan rancher, and valued for their lean beef and high quality hides.

Longhorn are reputed for being tough, rangy and boasting of horns extending up to 2 metres in length.


TEXAS BELTS – A Tradition of Manufacturing the Finest Quality Powerlifting Belts.
SINGLE PRONG – features a steel, nickel plated buckle and prong with seamless 2mm thick walled roller.
CRAFTSMANSHIP WARRANTY– Lifetime on prong mechanism and structural integrity of belt.
LEATHER – features Texan Longhorn Suede.
PREBROKEN – all our belts are prebroken by our master craftsmen and ready for use. No need to spend months to years in agony breaking it in.
4”x 4” Width (10 cm x 10cm)
10 mm Thickness
IPF Approved
Made in USA

Texas Belts…The Strongest and Most Durable Belt on the Market!  Period!

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