Red Devil™, Knee Wraps

///Red Devil™, Knee Wraps

Red Devil™, Knee Wraps


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The Red Devil™ knee wraps encapsulate the training methodology of the Soviet bloc, where they reign supreme as the premier choice of strength athletes. The Red Devil™ wraps are entirely handstitched in the United States from local materials.

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Titan Knee Wraps

Titan Red Devils are the longest running Titan Wrap in the series.

This previous generation knee wrap is revamped incorporating maximum durability with minimal support which makes it an ideal training or beginner wrap

The wrap is commonly used in seasoned athletes for warm up sets or for low intensity work to give a minimal support while still effectively staying in the groove of the wrap.

The two red stripes pay homage to the old soviet strength bloc where the wraps are still popular in the weightlifting nations of Russia and Ukraine, making it the optimal training wrap.

As with our entire range of wraps, the Red Devils are hand-stitched in Texas using only the finest in local materials.

Note: Only the 2.0m knee wraps are IPF approved.

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