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Titan Power Wash

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Patented Titan formula for cleaning suits, shirts and sleeves. Removes starch, salts and amino acids from perspiration with each. Leaves purifying aroma.

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For years, people have enquired about the best method to clean suits, shirts and sleeves. The majority of lifters refused to even wash their gear for fear that washing would do more harm than good.

After eighteen years, our product development team have engineered the ultimate solution.

In collaboration with industry leaders, we have concocted  a patented formula that bonds to any synthetic fibre to strengthen and add body. The highly concentrated formula was developed specifically for Titan. No alternative is close to the strength offered by Titan Power Wash.

Titan Power Wash cleans by removing contaminants, amino acids and salts that result from body perspiration which can break down fibres and the strength integrity of fabrics. Moreover, it reduces the likelihood of runs.

Our solution is capable of removing even the most stagnant and rancid stench with ease, resulting in a purifying aroma.

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