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Josh Tait
Kelli Fagan
Sarah Rainbow
Joey Zinghini

Josh Tait

City: Brisbane

Base Gym: Valhalla Strength

Weight Class: 125kg

Best Competition Total: 872.5kg

Best Gym Lifts: Squat 307.5kg x2 | Bench 240kg x1 | Deadlift 300kg x2

Favourite Lift: Squats

Favourite Powerlifter: Ed Coan, Stan Efferding and Ricky Goodyear

Favourite Food: Steak, Rice and Chocolate

Favourite moment as a Powerlifter: It would definitely be GPC Nationals 2015. The training was intense and the comp day was even more intense. Went down to the last deadlift where I got beaten by 2.5kg. The atmosphere was electric that day

Kelli "Thor" Clarke

Kelli “Thor” Fagan

City: Camden

Base Gym: The Lab Wollongong

Weight Class: 63kg

Best Competition Total: 427.5kg

Best Gym Lifts: Squat 178kg | Bench 77.5kg | Deadlift 185kg

Favourite Lift: Deadlift

Favourite Powerlifter: Mary Macken & Jennifer Thompson

Favourite Food: Nutella

Favourite moment as a Powerlifter: Medalling in squat and deadlift at worlds in 2015.

Joey Zinghini

City: Wollongong

Base Gym: NPS Lab Wollongong

Weight Class: 74kg

Best Competition Total: 627.5kg

Best Gym Lifts: Squat 222.5kg | Bench 137.5kg | Deadlift 270kg

Favourite Lift: Deadlift

Favourite Powerlifter: Bryce Lewis

Favourite Food: Sweet Potato fries and mums Lasange

Favourite moment as a Powerlifter: Fulfilling my dream and opening my powerlifting/Body recomp facility. Hitting my first 200kg squat and 600kg total.

Sarah Rainbow

City: Brisbane

Base Gym: Lifters League

Weight Class: 75kg+/ -110kg

Best Competition Total: 640kg

Best Gym Lifts: Squat 210kg | Bench 140kg | Deadlift 235kg

Favourite Lift: Bench!

Favourite Powerlifter: Bev Francis & Wayne Howlett

Favourite Food: Thai & Burgers

Favourite moment as a Powerlifter: Being able to compete at ProRawX for the first time, the atmosphere was insane! Loved it!

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