General Yue Fei Triumph Singlet

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Singlet sizing

Titan Classic, Triumph and sublimated singlet sizing

SizeWeight (KG) range
X SmallUp to 52kg
Small52kg to 56kg
Medium57kg to 68kg
Large69kg to 83kg
X Large84kg to 100kg
2X Large101kg to 125kg
3X Large126kg to 135kg
4X Large136kg to 153kg
5X Large154kg to 175kg
6X Large175kg+

If you are more lower body dominant and are towards the lower end of the recommended weight, we suggest selecting a size down.

General Yue Fei Triumph Singlet


IPF Approved, GPC Compliant. The General Yue Fei singlet pays homage to the legendary Han Chinese general known as Yue Fei. His name is synonymous with loyalty and devotion. Aesthetic design with modern cut using our revolutionary Comprexx© fabric.

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General Yue Fei Singlet

Single Crotch Singlet. IPF Approved and GPC Compliant.

The General Yue Fei Singlet is the creative result of a leading film studio artist engaged by Titan to design our new range of sublimated singlets. The singlet pays homage to legendary Han Chinese general Yue Fei, who was responsible for defeating numerous Jurchen assaults on Northern China during the Song dynasty. General Yue Fei is synonymous with loyalty and devotion.

Outstanding and unique features of Titan sublimated singlets

Comprexx© Fabric – compression stretch fabric with moisture wicking properties to keep the athlete cool and dry. Made in the USA
Elasticated Leg Cuff – helps prevent slippage
Vibrant Colors – a state of the art computer digitized and printed dye process produces color fast images unique to Titan singlets.
Graphic Artwork – designed in the US
Manufactured at Titan – Titan craftsmen use our signature seams and stitching to create a superior product that performs and lasts, Made in the USA
IPF Approved – legal for Classic lifting in IPF and GPC compliant.

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