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What defines a brand?






Why Titan is a genuine brand?

  • 35 years of manufacturing our own unique products in the United States (Corpus Christi, Texas)

  • We handle the entire research and development process with input from product engineers and strength athletes

  • Originality, innovation and uniqueness. Our products are solely our own intellectual property and won’t be found replicated under another brand name.

  • No child labour. Only genuine craftsmen and seamstresses, who are remunerated in-accordance with Texas state employment laws.


“Brands” are being created overnight
are they genuine brands though?

The “Alibaba” marketplace of the 21st century empowers anyone to create their own “brand” overnight. The process is simple

  1. Visit www.alibaba.com
  2. Search low priced products from thousands of manufacturers based in Pakistan and China
  3. Select the products you would like to use as the basis of your brand
  4. Request the manufacturer re-brand the product by adding your name and logo
  5. Import the product and market it as your own

Does this process establish a genuine brand?

No input in the structural design of products

No input or quality control in manufacturing process

The identical product has been re-branded by countless others in Australia and across the globe

No culture or heritage behind the product’s origin

Avoid paying up to 1500% mark-up on Alibaba re-branded products!

Did you know?

Powerlifting belts can be sourced for $7/each from Pakistan
Wrist wraps and knee wraps for $1.5/pair from Pakistan
Neoprene knee sleeves for $1.5/pair from China
Powerlifting bars for $60 from China

How much are you paying for these products?
Are you paying an enormous markup simply for a logo and brand name that was created overnight?

Belt costs $7 from the manufacturer, after deducting the manufacturer’s profit margin, what portion of the $7 goes into sourcing quality materials and time to manufacture the belt?
These $7 Pakistani belts are being sold in Australia for $100-$200 under an array of different brand names.

These products are most likely manufactured using underpaid workers who are denied basic employment rights that are considered the norm in the western world
These products are most likely manufactured using child labour

Generic re-branders utilise numerous methods to shield the origin of their products from potential consumers,

One common phrase, “Australian Owned”.
The only statement that matters is “Made in….”.
Every business that has an “ABN – Australian Business Number” or “ACN – Australian Company Number” is Australian owned. The point is moot, do not allow yourself or friends to be deceived by Alibaba re-branders!

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