Super Katana Shirt A/S (Angled Sleeve)

///Super Katana Shirt A/S (Angled Sleeve)

Bench Shirt Sizing

Sizing table for all Titan bench shirts. If unsure of size, please contact us for assistance.

Comp Fit3436384042444648505254565860
Meet Fit36384042444648505254565860
Regular Fit384042444648505254565860

*Measured under the arms at the widest part of chest, arms at sides


Super Katana Shirt A/S (Angled Sleeve)


IPF Approved. Featuring our improved collar design, now wider, heavier and cut lower to maximise performance. Unique Torque sleeve design and state of the art NXG Super Plus fabric.

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The Super Katana features Titans improved collar design. The new improvement renders the collar to be wider,  heavier and cut lower to maximise performance.

The new lower cut neck design reduces the possibility of the shirt riding and pressuring the neck while the increased width and thickness of the collar acts as an energy band to create more resistance and store more energy than the previous design.
The Super Katana unique torque sleeve design is combined with the state of the art NXG Super Plus material.

The NXG Super plus is 26% stronger than the original NXG plus material,the results yields double-ply like power in a single ply IPF approved shirt. Features a synthetic, high tech, super high tensile strength thread. A single thread has tested to a load of 3.75 kg while a looped thread has tested to a load of 10kg.

The entire Super Katana is constructed using commercial satin stitching, no straight stitching on any part of the suit. This is a more costly and time consuming process, but performance and durability are our first priority. It takes up to 6 times longer to construct than a conventional pattern suit, a true devotion to craftsmanship, not mass production.

The Super Katana is backed by 1 years warranty on blowouts and 1.5 year guarantee against runners.

The single-ply design is approved for all IPF competitions, for custom designs please check with your federation if it meets requirements.

A/S: Angled sleeve for the bencher with a slight to large arch.

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