THP™, Wrist Wraps

///THP™, Wrist Wraps

THP™, Wrist Wraps


IPF Approved. Aggressive cast felt wrap, tough and durable, suited for no-nonsense bench press artist. U.S military grade Aplix hook and loop.

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Titan Wrist Wraps

The THP wrist wraps are the principal choice for those who want an aggressive cast felt wrap.

They are extremely tough, durable and suited for the no-nonsense bench press artist that is looking to take support to the next level.

In addition to the rigid cast material, the design features a non-slip surface to ensure the wrists are locked at all times.

THP wraps feature U.S. military grade Aplix hook and loop that is 30% stronger than velcro.

As with our entire range of wraps, the THP wrist wraps are hand stitched in Texas by our proficient craftsmen using only the finest local materials.

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Small (12"), 19.5", Medium (24"), 30", Full (36")

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