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    Magnum Ram

    All new revolutionary heavy-duty bench press aid from Titan Support Systems. Entirely made in the United States using multi-directional latex.
  • Our Signature Gold knee wraps are reputed for their unparalleled levels of maximum tension and rebound,culminating in the ultimate wrap. Hand-stitched in Texas by our experienced craftsmen.
  • The stiffest wrap in our range, tough and rigid to provide a cast-like wrap. The THP maximises stopping power, amplifying your squats. Hand-stitched in Texas by our expert craftsmen.
  • The Titanium, ultimate wrap for optimum rebound and flexibility. Ideal level of springiness to generate max revolutions, ensuring better coverage and rebound. Handstitched in Texas by our expert craftsmen.
  • The MAX RPM's is Titan Support Systems answer to a competition grade wrap that provides maximum revolutions for the athlete. Entirely handstitched in the United States from local materials.
  • IPF Approved. Our Signature Gold series. Trusted by world champions across the globe for unparalleled support, durability and thrust. U.S. military grade Aplix hook and loop.
  • IPF Approved. Aggressive cast felt wrap, tough and durable, suited for no-nonsense bench press artist. U.S military grade Aplix hook and loop.
  • IPF Approved. Titaniums are the wrist supports of choice for the all round lifter. Spring and flexibility to achieve maximum revolutions and retain control. U.S military grade Aplix hook and loop.
  • IPF Approved. MAX RPMs are the lifters choice of wrist wraps for maximum revolutions and contact. The design permits complete control of revolutions without causing distortion from folding and collapsing.
  • IPF Compliant. The next generation premium deadlift slipper incorporates additional tarsal support while maintaining the classic minimalistic design to maximise your deadlift leverage.
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    IPF Approved, GPC Compliant. The Raging Barbarian singlet is the result of the creative expression of a leading U.S. based artist. The singlet reflects the age of the Barbarians; where Huns and Ostrogoths ran rampant and pillaged the Roman empire under the tutelage of Atilla the Hun. Sewn in Texas by experienced seamstresses using our revolutionary Comprexx© fabric. Specifically made for powerlifting.
  • Titan Intl Deadlift socks are the latest deadlift sock from the Titan range. Designed for explosive performance and advanced support.
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