Skull Smash Ammonia Inhalants now available!

Titan Australia is pleased to have been appointed the sole-distributor of Skull Smash Ammonia inhalants in Australia. The ultimate in Ammonia Inhalants/Smelling Salts for Powerlifting.

Skull Smash Ammonia inhalants are entirely formulated in the United States by by U.S. Army veteran Steve Welch and strength coach of 18 years.

Skull Smash is made in St Louis, Missouri from a high potency unique proprietary blend.

The Skull Smash inhalant bottles are jumbo sized and 100% larger than conventional ammonia bottle variants on the market.

Over the past years, we’ve received many requests for a  quality Ammonia Inhalant that retains potency and longevity. Titan Australia firmly believes Skull Smash is the premier Ammonia inhalant product on the global market.

>>> Skull Smash range of Ammonia Inhalants

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